Each year we used to draw and design a new label that reflects the vintage and the comings and goings of our lives. And just to make things more complicated, we constrain ourselves within the parameters of using what we call “the little guy”, the faceless, nameless representation of anybody and everybody. He’s adorned every bottle we’ve ever made. But starting in 2016, decided it was time for our "little guy" to take a vacation. So we've rebranded to The.Grenachista. Which roughly in French translates to: Grenachista: Term used by wine geeks to describe someone fighting for the cause of the Grenache Grape, also known as Garnacha, because they believe it is the unsung of the wineworld, used in many of the best wines but rarely getting the credit it deserves. Synonym for someone who believes in supporting the underdog. We believe that suits us.

We make very small quantities of our wines. It helps make sure that we can pay full attention to all that goes into them.



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