We have a singular focus. A focus on the wine grape varietals Grenache Noir and Grenache Blanc. Which allows us to hone in on the subtleties and nuances of the vareital we love so much. We're passionate about Grenache and through the years we've adjusted and learned and adjusted and learned and we think every vintage we get a little closer. A little closer to Grenache's true expression. And although we love and honor the wonderful wines of Southern Provence, where in our minds, Grenache reigns supreme, we make Californian wines. And I am happy to see more and more Greanche and Grenache based wines on the shelf but we are unique in that this is all we do. We are Grenache activists and Grenache guerillas. And it's literally in the definition of "Grenachista", to believe in the underdog. So here we are. I'm glad you found us.


We make very small quantities of our wines. It helps make sure that we can pay full attention to all that goes into them.



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Current Releases


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2020 "Numero Uno" Grenache Blanc Piquette

Available in 500ml bottles and 750ml bottles

500ml Piquette

750ml Piquette

2020 "Numero Dos" Grenache Noir Piquette

2020 "Numero Dos Grenache Noir Piquette

Available in 500ml bottles and 750ml bottles

500ml Piquette

750ml Piquette

New Cellar Release!

Due to a warehouse inventory snafu, I've discovered we have some of our amazing, award winning, 2016 Grenache Blanc left over. It's aged so beautifully that I just had to share. This is a limited release as there ain't much of it and it should go quickly. Get some!

2016 Dry Creek Valley Grenache Blanc

2016 Dry Creek Valley

Grenache Blanc


2020 Sonoma Valley Grenache Rosé



2019  Grenache Blanc Pét-Nat


2020 Coming Soon


2020 Grenache Noir Pèt-Nat


2019 Grenache Blanc


2019 Carbonic Grenache Noir



2016 Mounts Vineyard Grenache Noir


2016 Mathis Vineyard Grenache Noir


2016 Alder Springs Vineyard Grenache Noir


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